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Marketers Accreditation

Statement of Policy

1. An accredited retirement facility is automatically an accredited marketer.
2. An accredited bank, by virtue of its built-in advantage over other marketers, cannot be accredited as a marketer including any of its officials.
3. A law firm / lawyer cannot be accredited BOTH as marketer and as merchant partner due to conflict of interest.
4. Nothing in these guidelines nor in the Memorandum of Agreement between PRA and the Marketer shall create nor be interpreted to create an employer-employee relationship between the two parties.
5. Revocation or amendment of these guidelines shall require the approval of the PRA Board of Trustees.

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Who May Apply

1. Single Proprietorship, with business address in or outside of the Philippines
2. Partnership
3. Corporation
4. Law Firm

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Requirements for Accreditation

Name to be Registered as Marketer:____________________________________________________

1)    General Requirements to Become a PRA Marketer

            [   ]   Application Form / Marketer Information Sheet
            [   ]   NBI Clearance for authorized representatives
        Police Clearance for overseas authorized representatives *
            [   ]   Contract with PRA
            [   ]   Accreditation Fee of US$ 300.00

A.   Additional Requirements for Sole Proprietor

            [   ]   Business Name and Permit issued by DTI

B.    Additional Requirements for Partnership / Corporation

            [   ]   Business Name and Permit issued by SEC
            [   ]   Board Resolution/Secretary’s Certificate recognizing the application for 
                    PRA accreditation
C.    Additional Requirements for Lawyers / Law Firms

            [   ]   IBP License and PTR Number

D.    Additional Requirements for PRC Members

            [   ]   PRC License ID

E.    Additional Requirements for Overseas Filipino Workers

            [   ]   Photocopy of current OEC issued by the POEA

F.    Additional Requirements for Foreign Nationals

            [   ]   Photocopy of passport showing SRR Visa, and PRA ID Card
            [   ]   Photocopy of passport showing valid visa in the Philippines

G.    Additional Requirements for Foreign-based Companies

            [   ]   Business License authenticated by Philippine Embassy / Consulate

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Procedure in the Payment and Issuance of the Certificate of Accreditation as Marketer

1. Payment of Accreditation Fee
a. Accreditation fee of US$300.00 or its peso equivalent is due upon filing of the application and submission of all other requirements.

b. Deferment or waiver of payment of accreditation shall require written approval of the General Manager/CEO.
2. Issuance and Release of the Certificates of Accreditation
a. Upon receipt of the application and its supporting documents, the applicant is briefed by a Marketing Department staff on his obligations as a Marketer who shall be required to sign a Memorandum of Agreement.

b. For mailed applications, the applicant shall be required to attend a training seminar to be conducted by the Marketing Department.

c. The accomplished Application for Accreditation shall be processed and signed by the marketing staff who conducted the briefing to be noted by the Marketing Department Manager.

d. An ocular inspection of the applicant’s office address as stated in the application shall be conducted by the Marketing Department.

e. Upon completion of the above listed requirements, the Marketing Department shall recommend to the General Manager/CEO for approval of accreditation attaching therein the Certificate of Accreditation for his signature. The Corporate Seal will be affixed and the certificate immediately released to the applicant-marketer.

f. In case of deferment of the accreditation fee of US$300.00, a Certificate of Accreditation is issued with a validity of six (6) months from the time of issuance. If after six (6) months the Marketer has not enrolled a member, the temporary accreditation automatically expires without prejudice to re-application provided that the whole amount of US$300.00 is paid up front.

g. The Marketing Department shall furnish the RRSC and the Accounting Division a photocopy of the Certificate duly received by the Marketer. rokettube

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Renewal of Accreditation

            [   ]   Updated Marketer Information Sheet
            [   ]   Updated NBI Clearance for authorized representatives
                    Updated Police Clearance for overseas authorized representatives *
            [   ]   Updated Contract with PRA
            [   ]   Renewal Fee of US$ 150.00
* Police Clearance for overseas authorized representatives must be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate, and translated to English if necessary. mobil porno

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